Gaughan Racing (gaughanracing) wrote in brendangaughan,
Gaughan Racing

Comfort from above: Spotters watch over drivers

"Spotting is all about trust," said driver Brendan Gaughan. "A spotter sees everything you can't. You have to trust his decisions because when you're in the car, you just can't see. You don't do anything unless the spotter tells you it's all right."

Gaughan constantly challenges Billy Holbrook to talk.

"When I'm driving through the turns, I'm like a golfer who doesn't want to hear anybody talk in the middle of his backswing," Rudd said. "I'm trying to pay attention and I don't want to hear anything unless something's wrong."

"I talk all the time. I'm a big mouth," Gaughan said. "I don't mind people talking when I'm racing. If I don't hear anything for a couple laps, I'll just say 'O Billy' and he knows to start talking. Give me something. I like to have things going through my head."
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