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Hey everyone...I'm the newbie here. I dunno if we're just supposed to post news or what, but I can incorporate that into this. I absolutely love Brendan. I met him 3 times this past season, and he's the sweetest. He always tells me that I wear too much Junior junk. lol that makes me laugh. So I really did end up buying everything Kodak this year. I'm loaded, I even got the jacket and a tank top. But anyways, I can't believe what I read about Penske dropping him for Travis Kvapil. They had no reason to, and you really shouldn't drop a rookie after his first season. Look what happened with Casey Mears. He improved a LOT. But Brendan was 2nd in rookie standings, and finished pretty good in points, I think, for a first timer. And you can't blame the guy, cuz Penske brought him up directly from trucks with no Busch experience or Cup for that matter. Anyways, just thought I'd share my opinions. <3
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Hi! Welcome!

LOL! Brendan always seems to comment about people wearing "Junior junk" when he sees it! While I didn't get that complaint (as I don't wear Junior gear), I've had remarks and a couple lectures from him over using my Cannon camera or the wrong film or photo paper. He refers to Fuji as "the F word".

So where did you get a chance to see him? What tracks do you frequent?

I don't understand Penske's reasoning either. First off, I don't think Kvapil's that impressive. Second, Brendan is becoming a Mikey protege in the department of pleasing sponsors. The way he gets on people for not using Kodak definitely helps the sales. Of course, it's not Kodak who dropped him; it's Penske. I don't really like that team's dynamic and the way Brendan's former teammates don't seem to want to work as teammates (especially Newman), but I won't get into all of that here.

How the heck you can finish 2nd in ROTY standings and lose your ride is beyond me! Doesn't look like they were very invested in him in the first place.

~ deej

lol, "the F word". That's classic.

Well, since we live in Georgia, we usually go to both Atlanta races, and one Talladega race. Dega is awesome. We stayed in the infield there in the spring. I saw Brendan all those times. Which ones do you go to?

And OH I KNOW! Kvapil was only in what, 4 races this year? And he did good in a couple, but no one knows what'll happen in the long run. I don't think Newman wants to be teammates with anybody. Or anyone with him, for that matter. Especially after that incident when Rusty could've won at Martinsville in the fall.
finally people are watching mears, i love him!
I love Casey too! He's awesome.